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LLC УTDS-EXPOФ Ц your best prospective partner in Ukraine

Founded to be the first!

         LLC УTDS-EXPOФ was founded in 1996 by the group of specialists from different countries as a marketing-innovation enterprise. In 1996 the First specialized technical exhibition УWelding UkraineФ was held. This exhibition has put the beginning of the new trend in the enterpriseТs activity Ц organization of the specialized exhibitions.
         The co-organizers of the First specialized exhibition УWelding UkraineФ were the Ministry of the industrial policy of Ukraine, Ukrainian Welding Society, the Paton Electric Welding Institute and German exhibition company УNowea International GmbHФ. The participants as well as the visitors showed their keen interest in the exhibition. Since that time the exhibition has become a traditional high profile event and meeting place for specialists Ц welders from all over the world.

Thirteen years of growing success and successful growth

         An extent of 13 years we have lead more than 45 exhibition actions of the international and national scale of various subjects in Kiev.
         Over this period besides the Ukrainian participants, the companies from the following countries have taken part in our shows: Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Moldova, Estonia, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Poland, Great Britain, France, Finland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Denmark, USA, China, Switzerland, Belgium, Romania, India, Slovakia, UAE, Israil.
         LLC УTDS-EXPOФ committed itself to organizing and conducting international specialized exhibitions:

  • Welding Ukraine, international specialized welding and cutting trade fair
  • Cabling Wiring, international specialized exhibition for cabling, wiring and accessories exhibition
  • Wire Steel Ropes, international specialized show for wire, rope, hardware and mesh
  • Sheet Metal Working, international specialized show of sheet metal, semi finished and finished products, equipment and technologies of processing, joining, forming and fastening of sheet metal
  • Surface Engineering, international specialized show for processing, rebuilding and protection of metal surfaces
  • Warehouse and Store, international specialized show of equipment for storing, load handling and logistic
  • Canning A to Z, international specialized show of machinery for canning technologies
          LLC УTDS-EXPOФ established strategic partnerships with other organizers and continues to explore new product, market, industry and venue opportunities
          LLC УTDS-EXPOФ contributed to integration of Ukrainian enterprises with the international business community and promotion of domestic goods and services in international exhibitions.

Trusted by partners

          LLC УTDS-EXPOФ successfully cooperates with such domestic and foreign exhibition companies as:

  • National Comples Expocenter of Ukraine, Ukraine
  • Vertol Expo, Russia
  • Expo Forum, Belorussia
  • Egytec Engineering Company, Egypt
  • Fortune Plus Marketing, India
  • JSC Fuartek, Turkey
  • Mashad International Exhibition Center, Iran
  • Agrokomplex, Slovakia
  • Prague Exhibition Center PVA Letnany, Prague
  • Expocenter Sharjah, UAE

Recognized Ц thus supported

         The guarantee of reliability and stability of LLC УTDS-EXPOФ is its partners:

  • Ministry of the industrial police of Ukraine
  • Ukrtruboprom, Association
  • Ukrzvetmet, Concern
  • Ukrainian Welding Society
  • Machine-building engineers and technologists association of Ukraine
  • Ukrainian corporation Ukrelectrocable
  • Iran Wire Industries Association, Iran
  • Ukrainian Union of Industrial companies, Ukraine

Tools to craft further success

         The main instrument to increase efficiency of our Events is to carry out flexible marketing strategy and to know market conditions well.
         LLC УTDS-EXPOФ has one of the highest ratings Ukraine due to the following features:

  • using of Internet resources;
  • data base is regularly added owing to registration made at the Exhibitions;
  • direct mail of invitations;
  • reliable business contacts;
  • flexible system of discounts and favorable terms for national manufacturers
  • events, which combine congress, exhibition, business and contest programs and cover several technologically associated industry
  • events, which foster integrated and seamless information space as well as constructive discussion of topical issues and matters of cooperation development

         Using modern methods of exhibitions organization and holding, owning exhibition equipment of OCTANORM type, LLC УTDS-EXPOФ widens the spectrum of organized exhibitions and develops existing specialized topics.

People making it happen

         Our office staff will also make all necessary customs, forwarding and hotel arrangements.
         Our experience and professionalism allow us to express confidence in fruitful and efficient cooperation with our company. LLC УTDS-EXPOФ always uses advanced technologies and modern marketing strategies when organizing specialized projects as well as introducing Ukrainian brands to the foreign market.
         We handle all aspects of the clientsТ needs, from concept and design through to construction and installation of exhibition stands.

More than just organizing exhibitions

         Our services also include:

  • Developing the promotional campaign concept
  • Design and creative activities
  • Media planning
  • Production of promotional materials
  • Placement of ads
  • Organizations of PR campaigns
  • Direct marketing
  • Analyses of effective advertising campaign
         A great number of exhibition and presentation events: exhibitions, specialized seminars, conferences, forums, presentations, contests and corporative meetings were held at the territory of our exhibition area.
          In 2008 more than 7 500 representatives of national enterprises, companies of CIS and other foreign countries visited our exhibitions. Most of the visitors are directors and chairmen of enterprises, branch specialists and trade companies.

Since 2008 we have been representing the new project:
          Since 2008 our Exhibitions have been, held in the Exhibition Center УKyivExpoPlazaФ

Inviting partners Ц we both welcome and offer the new business opportunities!

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